More About Christina

Born and raised in Willow Glen, Christina has a deep connection to the neighborhood as her family's roots trace back to her great grandparents who left Italy to establish their roots in this beautiful corner of California. For generations, her family has thrived in Willow Glen, fostering a deep love and appreciation for the area.

Having attended St. Christopher School (K-8th), Presentation High School, and San Jose State University, Christina possesses an insider’s perspective on the neighborhoods, their unique charm, and the array of amenities they have to offer. 

With experience in property management, Christina has a keen eye for detail, a deep understanding of market dynamics, and exceptional problem-solving abilities. With her strong familial roots, local expertise, property management experience, and unwavering dedication to client satisfaction, Christina is the real estate agent you can trust.

Contact Christina today, and let her open the doors to your future.